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Font industry leader Morisawa collaborates with NFT Metaverse Anifie to mint font NFT

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Becoming the font leader in the Metaverse world

Morisawa USA is partnering with Anifie to mint fonts as NFTs.

This is the first NFT created by font foundry (*1). Morisawa has the top share in the Japanese font market. Morisawa USA is partnering with an NFT metaverse company, Anifie, for its NFT font mint in order to become a pioneer in Metaverse fonts.

As a first step, Morisawa USA is releasing the following fonts “CrypType” (* 2) to OpenSea. This NFT font will be used in Anifie's NFT metaverse space in the future.

Young consumers are already spending lots of time choosing and editing unique fonts with apps such as “Instagram”. In the future, as humans spend more time in the Metaverse, Metaverse fonts are expected to play an important role and become an important part of the Metaverse infrastructure.

In the world of NFT, new brands such as RTFKT and Gennies have been born, and it is expected that brands will demand new fonts.

“Branding will be as important in these new virtual spaces as it is in our real life spaces. So by extension, typography will be important in the Metaverse too!“ —Carolina de Bartolo, author of _Explorations in Typography_

"Anifie believes that Morisawa USA fonts can help create the new infrastructure for our Metaverse era. We have the cross-platform technology to accomplish this, and to bridge different metaverses," said Patrick Woodland of Anifie.

In the future, Morisawa USA will also partner with additional NFT players.

Morisawa USA will leverage this new NFT technology to its fullest potential, including sales, contributing to a world where creators and users can use these exciting fonts in a multitude of environments.

* 1 According to Morisawa USA’s research

* 2 Prototype

Morisawa USA Company Profile

Morisawa USA is a font consulting firm and a type foundry based in California. We want nothing more than to help you express your feelings and emotions through words, and in a variety of delivery methods. With our extensive selection of fonts, we can aid you in projecting your ideas, messages and products into the world. Let us help you communicate your passion.

Anifie Company Profile

Anifie is a US-based NFT metaverse startup company. It aims to provide brands who own content, with new monetization opportunities using NFT and their metaverse in the form of white labels, to improve ROI for their customers. It joined StartX, an accelerator at Stanford University. The CEO, Yohei Iwasaki, is a serial entrepreneur with an MBA and MS from Stanford University, and has successful exit experience. Multi-award winning Hollywood veterans are participating full-time.


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