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Morisawa “Type Design Competition 2024” Announces Judges and Entry Sheet

Morisawa Inc. has announced the judges and the entry sheet for this year’s “Morisawa Type Design Competition 2024”

(hereinafter referred to as Type Design Competition 2024).

The Type Design Competition 2024 is an international competition specialized in typeface design, aiming for fair evaluation by highly specialized judges. This year’s Morisawa Award judges consist of three members per category, bringing a multifaceted perspective from both creators and users of typefaces as they judge the submissions.


The entry sheet for all categories is composed of “Designated Characters,” “Typesetting Samples,” and “Open Assignments,” designed to respect the unique features of each submission while ensuring they are judged under the same conditions. Additionally, during the judging process, entrants’ names and information related to their works will be kept confidential to ensure a rigorous selection process. The entry sheet is available on the official website starting today.

Judges 〈 Japanese Category 〉

  • Osamu Torinoumi, Typeface Designer

  • Ryoko Nishizuka, Principal Designer of Adobe

  • Issay Kitagawa, CEO of GRAPH / Designer / Artist

〈 Latin Category 〉

  • Laura Meseguer, Type and Brand Designer

  • Ilya Ruderman, Type and Graphic Designer

  • Indra Kupferschmid, Typographer / Professor

〈 Simplified Chinese category 〉

  • Zhu Zhiwei, Type Director

  • Chen Rong, Associate Professor / Art Director

  • Liu Xiaoxiang, Art Director of XXL Studio

〈 Traditional Chinese category 〉

  • Masaaki Hiromura, Graphic Designer

  • Julius Hui, Typeface Designer

  • Wan Chun Ho, Graphic Designer

〈 Hangeul category 〉

  • Wujin Sim, Typographer / Type Director / Writer

  • Sulki Choi, Graphic Designer

  • Bon Min, Type Designer / Professor

〈 Emeritus Judges 〉

  • Cyrus Highsmith, Type Designer / Graphic Artist

  • Matthew Carter, Type Designero

Sample of the Entry Sheets

Entry sheets and entry requirements are available for download as a ZIP file from the official website.

〈 Submission Period 〉 May 14, 2024, to August 29, 2024 (Japan Time)

〈 Results Announcement 〉

February 2025  (Tentative)

The official website for the Type Design Competition 2024 can be found here: For future updates, please follow us on our official social media accounts for the “Morisawa Type Design Competition”: ・Official X (former Twitter): ・Official Instagram: ・Official Facebook:

For inquiries related to this matter, please contact us at:


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