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Morisawa begins to offer Japanese and Latin fonts on Canva:

Morisawa, one of the industry leaders ranked at the top of Japan’s font market*, starts offering both Japanese and Latin fonts to Canva, a visual communication platform with a mission to empower the world to design. As a result of this collaboration, our carefully selected fonts from Morisawa’s lineups will be available in Canva’s design communities around the world.

In order to realize Canva's mission and values, Morisawa is pleased to present this opportunity for more people to utilize our diverse high-quality fonts, and be able to help expand the world of design and its imagination by the power of typography.

In our first offering, the following fonts will be included:

  • Morisawa リュウミン Pr6N L-KL

  • Morisawa じゅん Pro 101

  • Morisawa ゴシックMB101 Pr6N L

  • Morisawa UD新ゴ Pr6N L

  • Morisawa UD新丸ゴ Pr6N L

  • Morisawa UD黎ミン Pr6N L

  • Morisawa UD新ゴコンデ80 Pr6N L

  • Morisawa 勘亭流 StdN U

  • Morisawa ラピスエッジ Min2 B

  • Morisawa プフ ホリデー Min2 R

  • Morisawa Role Serif Text Pro Family

  • Morisawa Role Sans Text Pro Family

Offer starts on: December 1, 2023

Eligible for:

Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, Canva for Education & Canva for Nonprofits

Commented by:

“ Impactful design starts with great illustrations, color combinations, graphics and ultimately, the right fonts. This collaboration with Morisawa is a testament to our mission of making beautiful designs easier and more accessible to everyone, everywhere, in every language. We can’t wait to see what our design community will create with these new resources.”

Kagan Sen

Japan Country Manager


[ About Canva ]

Launched in 2013, Canva is a free online visual communications and collaboration platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design. Featuring a simple drag-and-drop user interface and a vast range of templates ranging from presentations, documents, websites, social media graphics, posters, apparel to videos, plus a huge library of fonts, stock photography, illustrations, video footage, and audio clips, anyone can take an idea and create something beautiful.

[ Morisawa USA Company Profile ]

Morisawa USA is a font consulting firm and a type foundry based in California. We want nothing more than to help you express your feelings and emotions through words, and in a variety of delivery methods. With our extensive selection of fonts, we can aid you in projecting your ideas, messages and products into the world. Let us help you communicate your passion.

[ About Morisawa ]

Morisawa Inc. is a font creator headquarted in Osaka, Japan. Based on Morisawa’s mission statement “Contributing to the society through typography” followed by our business philosophy, we always take a step forward with typefaces in mind and contribute to the culture of typography.

*Based on “Actual Conditions and Future Prospects in Font Market 2022” by Yano Research Institute Ltd. and our own actual results.


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